Nanyang Equipment Technology Inc. was established in 2000, it’s a trustworthy name with steadily growing corporative revenue over the years, as a result of proven customer satisfactions. With innovated capability in advance technologies, Nanyang is specializing in the procurement and marketing of the most advance electronic materials, instrument and equipment within the industries of semiconductor, compound semiconductor, optoelectronic, solar energy, and LED. In addition, Nanyang also fosters the most professional supporting staff to quickly accommodating our customers’ needs in various product applications.

Nanyang firmly adheres to a “family-like” cooperate culture, and stresses the importance of team work, and employees’ value. By doing so, its employees are passionate and dedicated in serving the customers, and thus enhancing the company’s overall strength. Furthermore, Nanyang always welcome top talents to join the company, and is always focusing in establishing Win-Win strategic partnerships between the company and all of its customers.

By providing intelligent and total solutions to all its customers, putting customers first has always been Nanyang’s persistent code of operations. Nowadays Nanyang’s sophisticated technology continues to find new niches of applications and markets, along with the solidified forces from its oversea principals in developing and providing customized, quicker, and more cost-effective services. Over the years Nanyang has built a wide and complete range of marketing and technical support channels through out Taiwan, which enables it to serve the customers in responsible and sustainable ways to the maximum level. Nanyang will surely continue to deliver such excellent services and values to all of its customers in the years to come.

Nanyang is the leading Taiwanese agent for the world class heating elements manufactures “Thermcraft”. Working together, we provide an extensive service quality to Taiwanese customers, ranging from marketing, selling, developing, and installation; with a warehouse currently located in Hsinchu, Taiwan for heating elements as well. In addition, Nanyang is the sole agent for the biggest US chillers’ manufacture “Lydall Affinity”. To facilitate quick and safe chillers deliver services, Nanyang and Lydall have set up an OEM certified chillers service center in Hsinchu, Taiwan, to demonstrate its long term commitment in serving the customers of Taiwan.

Besides being the top agent for a diversified, world-leading principals based in US, Germany, France and Netherlands, etc. Nanyang is also in partnership with nearly one hundred companies, working seamlessly together to develop new products, widen product lines, and operational scale. Year after year, Nanyang has been fully devoted to enhance the company’s revenue and profit growth, by staying ahead the global market competition.